Friday, June 16, 2006

world cup and ramadhan

Football (since a little boy I have refused to call it soccer) World Cup is like Ramadhan. The month, not the man. You know that we are taught that we shouldn't miss each week of Ramadhan because there are different good things happening on each week. And those good things are reeeaaallly good so that you won't think of missing a week of Ramadhan.

So people who has one of their eyebrows lifted when one of the CNN anchors says, "The World Cup 2006 in Germany .." may ask question like, "Why should and who could stand a month of football?" Not just a month, but 64 games in like 32 days..

Well, you could, if you take the flow of the world cup into consideration.

You see in the first days, we (as the viewers) start to measure up the teams. Some start to rethink their predictions, seeing the first few games. Some of the games are not interesting, of course, especially when two on the bottom from each group meet.

Some days after, for about ten days is my favorite part. This is when some knowledge of conditional syntax may come in handy. If A wins, then if C draws, then B is out of the competition, else we still have to count the goals. And so on.. For the whole time.

I mean we (me and my music teacher) spent for like 40 minutes processing what will happen in Group B if Sweden would have been lost or draw yesterday. And it is only Group B. We can talk hours possibilities for other groups and other consequences of course.

For example, today, 7 days in, only three teams are ensured to advance to the top 16, only 4 teams were certain to kiss their dream to continue the competition goodbye. We can still talk about other possibilities for other 25 teams, which may result in a permutation that I refuse to do by head.

We connivingly thought that Paraguay will give Tri and To advantages so that Sweden would be out. Huahhahahaa..

Week 2. Honestly, who wants to miss the games in the top 16 and after? Maybe he does, but I won't.

I know, I may be the last man in your friends' circle to talk about football anyway. But no harm done in trying, right?

OK, gotta go getting some rehearsals.

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