Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dreamgirls will never leave you

OK, it's official. I'm gonna watch this super-short-early Dreamgirls teaser like one thousand times a day.

I linked the one which is not edited because the poster, JenCan on YouTube, has posted tons and tons to make you Dreamgirlsified. If there's such a word.

From the preview, I like the fact that Beyonce sings Beyonce, with little or no influence from Diana Ross or Sheryl Lee Ralph. Because that's how I wanted her to sound like. Just sound like her.

Jennifer looks really happy for just being able to revive the immortal role. I'm just so happy for her. Her vocal until now is still being kept from everyone.

But I will keep an eye on Anika. I think she'd blow everyone away..

And no, I'm not mastering the choreography.



Gets said...

oh buat Xmas toh.. gue konsen ke Summer dulu deh.. hehehe.. tp gue not much of a Beyonce fan nih, gimana dongg.. ;D

Bie said...

gpp kok.. seperti yang sering disebut2 sama BANYAK orang .. film ini bukan tentang Beyonce, Beyoncenya paling cuman dipake buat ngeblow film ini sampe masa puternya. Hehehe..

Credo said...

heee, aku pengen nonton... :D

Bie said...

credo: pengen nonton apa niy? nonton Dreamgals, atau nonton trailer yang di link ke youtube nan lama diload kalo pake dial up atau koneksi internet yang mati idup? Hehehehee..

Credo said...

Dreamgirls tentoenja..! Hehehe.. don't mention my internet connection ;)