Tuesday, June 27, 2006

give a W! give me an I! give me an M! give me a ... it's just too long to spell "wimbledon" by cheerleading, right?

Current books read: Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella - music in ear: Scissor Sisters and Dreamgirls

I'm glad that this week world cup reaches his end of non-stop-match days. Today, the last two matches from the game of 16 round will be played. After that, I can concentrate for about two days in following another battle on grass court. The Wimbledon.

This year, I guess I'm rooting for Roger Federer to take the gentlemen's singles, and surprise, surprise.. Anastasia Myskina for the Ladies' singles. YAY!

Roger Federer, from Switzerland, will play a difficult draw. He's facing Richard Gasquet in the first round for example. The energetic Gasquet is one of the few players that has beaten Federer in two past years. Gosh..

But I'm sure he'll pull through. And then I'll have a newly founded respect for him. Plus the fact that he speaks fluent German, French, and English. I mean fluent fluent. I feel ashamed and abashed at the same time.

Anastasia Myskina reached the final in ... Eastbourne? (hehehe not sure) Lost to JHH in three sets, though. Honestly, I think she's the nicest Russian of the pack. Yes, she's a bit hefty in the smiling department, but I still think that deep inside, Myskina is kind-hearted. Plus, her fashion is just .. appropriate. Good to look at. :)

So anyway, Federer and Myskina. And I can't wait to see what Nadal can do this year on grass.


Mike said...

Not for Sharapova????? :)

Bie said...

not for this year

Mike said...

but myskina was out by mauresmo

Bie said...

true. and it kinda sucked. all things that I'm rooting for kinda fall out of places now. Myskina, Germany for World Cup, world peace.. ;))