Wednesday, January 25, 2006

potentially the most entertaining marathon ever

Current books read: The Book with Unnecessary Twenty Four Chapters, a.k.a. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix - watched dvd: Will & Grace, eps 1-8 season 1

Hello, come in please.

Thank you for participating in this event whose chance just fell on my lap yesterday. Please register your name, age, address, sex (if it isn't obvious) and request to be waited or not. Drinks are all non-alcoholic, places are all non-smoking, and you are requested to wear a decent clothing items.

No shoes if you just stepped on piles of snow out there, socks can be worn if they are not that smelly, and I turned up the radiator to a maximum but it is negotiable. Pillows are for the host (that's me) to be hugged.

Make sure that your muscle cramp on the stomach that hurts like hell when you sneeze, laugh, or do another round of sit-ups, is fully cured. A mirror in hand may also come in handy in case a friend thinks that you look like one of the people that you are going to see, and you, mental, took that as a compliment.

Turn off the mobiles, please. The marathon starts today.

Will & Grace DVDs that I am going to watch
Now, please wave to a friend of mine, and a sort-of-friend of mine, who're (not whore, but who are!!) already 5 miles ahead of us all. *wave*

Oh, by the way, subtitle and german audio not included. If you don't laugh due to the non-slapstic jokes because you don't understand English, don't blame me. If you don't laugh because you don't understand any tie-in jokes, based on american culture or history or politics jokes, or new york-ish jokes, then we will get along just fine. *grin*

The marathon starts now.

Auf die Plätze.. Fertig.. Los!

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