Friday, January 13, 2006

dream, dream, dream.. dre-ee-ee-ee-eam.. (please repeat as wished)

Hmm.. I wanna talk about my last night's dream. It went like this..

I was in a reunion of my bachelor department. The event was held in an over-the-beach house at night during high tide, so that the waves were splashing to the window. I spent most of the time seeing out the window, swooning over the waves, because I like them so much.

There was a stage and were performances. What I remember the most was one of that dude named Eka from Class of '98. And you know, eventhough I performed singing so many times (not solo, apparently..) I always ended up not-singing in events like this when they have Who-would-like-to-sing-a-song-? semi-voluntarily asked question. So I just sat watching the waves, and talked to best friends.

And then I went out of the building because I LOVE walking down the beach so much. All by myself. That is weird. And that walk ended up in the backstage area, where performers were getting ready. And surprisingly, the next performers performed angklung, performing Goodbye by Air Supply, with a terrible singer.

I woke up, a bit sweating like having been woken up from a nightmare, still had a clear intro of the song, and started to sing Goodbye.

I thought, I was having a nightmare because I would like starting to diss the singer, and the singer challengded me to have a sing-off of the song, and I lost it because my range is somewhere out there from the song. I started singing to prove that I still can sing that song humbly properly.

BUT! I just realized, after spending the whole day humming to that tune and wondered why I got so hooked to the dream, that the nightmarity was because of that Goodbye is a song that symbolizes the end of my childhood (!). I remember it clearly that one day I could sing it very similar to that Graham or Hitchcock dude, and the next day, I couldn't even reach the famous "You!" (in the "you would never ask me why" bit) properly. Yep, puberty got me.

And until this morning, I didn't realize that I still can sound that "You!" properly, in my own kinda style of singing, unlike that Graham or Hitchcock dude.

And Goodbye is a song that tells me literally to say goodbye to my childhood and that I should embrace the so-called adolescence.

No wonder it turned the dream to something nightmare-ish. *shudder*


Gets said...

I have to long-comment on this post bcos the song has special meaning to me,too. It's one of the few songs that I ever performed solo in public. 1st year junior high, my phys-ed/gym teacher told us to stay indoor (it's raining, so we can't go out to play sport), to sing in front of the class and pick another person to go next.

I don't know why I chose that song but I guess maybe bcos it fits my voice range like a glove. Hehehe.. Although I remember that I forgot some of the lines and my bestfriend had to mouth them to me from the audience. Hihi..

Thanks for letting me share the story.. :D

Bie said...

wah.. talking about singing in front of a class omitting songs from the 45-ish or kindergarten era or one-minute duration makes me remember that I sang...

I'll spill it when the time comes..