Monday, January 30, 2006

just some comments on things that I watched and I am not in the mood to write a witty headline (yeah, like I can :D)

Current book read: Surprise! Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. a.k.a. Ow, I Think This is the One Hundreth Time that I Fell Asleep. - watched dvd: Will & Grace season 2 eps. 1-4

It is clear as daylight after watching the first season of Will & Grace, that the series should have been retitled to something else. No, ordinarius, it is not Jack & Karen, as 248 people have also been suggesting, but I think the show should have been called "Fighting and Making Up".

The show was Oh-Lord-drag-me-out-of-this-misery strenuous.. Everyone is yelling, screaming, pointing hands, animatedly moving hands, fingers, hairs, hips, legs, until they started to lose their energy doing all that. And then after that, there were this hugging, kissing, stroking, smiling, laughing, apologizing... All in each and every episodes! It is just so tiring.

The producers did a good job though in the following season by reminding us that the world revolves not only between Will and Grace.

Argh! I took it all back when I said that the marathon would have been fun. Everybody made mistakes.


After witnessing a series of great fights on the arena also known as the Australian Open, I was shocked and hugely disappointed that Justine Henin-Hardenne had to quit during the final match where she was actually on her way of being demolished. She should know that Mauresmo has a habit of losing concentration on crucial moments. Ooops, that may happen once, perhaps. :)

I'm glad Federer takes home the title. I'm glad that it is again proven that he is as good as a tennis player as he is as a person. However, I felt a bit sorry because the last point of the second set had to be called out that dramatic. It really influenced Baghdatis' performance.

On the other hand, Baghdatis was awesome. I was expecting Federer to win straight sets, but hey, that lad can really swing his racket. Unlike that Andy what's-his-face.

After winning, Federer cried. Aww.. Even the strongest can cry.


It was one of those nights. Tom Scavo was sitting in the kitchen. He was reading a newspaper, waiting for his beloved wife to come home from work. He waited for a good news he longed to hear all day: that he got the job in the same firm as his wife's, after a supposedly successful interview this afternoon.

Somewhere in his mind, he was thinking about the big picture of it. How this can be his wife's chance to save their marriage, because as he confessed that afternoon to his wife, there's a part of him who'd been always hating her for meddling with his promotion in his old job.

Lynette Scavo, the wife, entered the house with a simple, "Hey." Tom pitched a joke of what happened earlier today, and Lynette told the good news in a somber way. Her boss really wanted to hire him. She sat down in front of her dinner plate prepared by Tom and said, "On one condition. If you take this job, you are never allowed to bring out what happened before with your promotion."

Tom agreed, but Lynette needed an assurance by saying with a shaky voice, "I need a solemn vow that you'll never throw that in my face ever again." After Tom agreed, Lynette made her last point, "And what I want from you is to be forgiven." Tom told her in a classic phrase, "I already had." Hearing this, she ate, and a streak of light started to be reflected on her face as the light hit her tear that ran down her left eye.

The past will come back to haunt you, yes. But I never expected that it can be invited back by the people that you love and love you. If they can, what may people who don't love us do?


Embrace the week in front of you lot.

Ow, almost forgot. Two things from SAG awards leftovers. (1) This is so gonna be Felicity Huffman's year. (2) Why wasn't I surprised that Brokeback Mountain won none? I really wondered if it really worth the hype. Not only because of this, but because of ... you know..

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