Monday, January 16, 2006

A million... boom!!

I think my ears or my head (I don't know which one's first) will explode if I hear another spin-off title from "A Million Little Pieces".

The explosion may be done voluntarily by myself though, since I am the one who insisted on giving away two hours or so of my time today to study about the so-called Freygate. Damn you, Larry King!

However, when people kept saying that James Frey is a rich frat boy, he reminds me a lot of Earl Hickey. Now Hickey will definitely blow my head off because of laughing to hard.

Before we hear another of those bad quips.. Let's sing one of Shayne's performance..

A miiiiiiiillll-lion love songs later..
Here I am trying to tell you, that I care..

(remember, you HAVE TO sing it in Irish accent to get that Shayne effect)

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