Thursday, January 26, 2006

on birthdays

Current books read: Round That Useless Chapter Up to 28, Mate. - watched dvd: Will & Grace season 1 eps 9-19.

The confusement (read: kong-fyu-ze-mang) on when to say happy birthday to someone who was born, raised, had lived, and gathered some friends on the other part of the world (say, 6 to 12 hours apart) lingers on after two years. In order not to be confused on when to say it to me, let's settle things down.

I do believe that birthday is celebrated when the date of your day when you were born comes. Say you were born at 11 pm. People don't have to wait until the clock strikes 11 to say happy birthday, right? But how about if you were born on February, 23rd in GMT +8 city. But now, due to most current circumstances, you live in a GMT -5 city. It's midnight at your hometown, but you haven't even had a decent lunch in your place.

Morphologically, birthday means birth day (cue the "Duh?"). So how about like this. Your birthday starts when midnight strikes Nuku'alofa and ends as midnight the next day comes to Apia. My reasoning for this? Globalization. Because you can live your life in Guam, and still watching Finnish television shows or having a best friend working in Tokyo.

This is just great. Or this is just a way to keep the birthday boys and girls having more fun on their birthdays and keeping them the center of the attention. Or this is a way of saying me, "Sorry if I'm late saying happy birthday.. after all, it is still your birthday in Honolulu."

Anyhoo, who still celebrates birthday anyway? Oops, is it just me?

Definitely not the least, look what's featured in Wikipedia today.

Fuckin' awesome.

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