Friday, January 20, 2006

don't cry for me Stephanina..

Current books read: still Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, *yawn*

I can't believe it. I really really really can't believe it. It feels really surreal to me. Maybe I should put this as one of 2006 accomplishments. (My Gosh :-o)

Anyway, the story starts around three weeks ago when it was decided that Stephan Darnstaedt was one of the DSDS finalist, surprisingly. Two weeks ago, we witnessed his first "Motto-Shows" (translated as Themed Shows) performance. Not great. But what have I and my friend decided to do? We voted for him of course.

His reason behind this unreasonable move was just for the sport of it. MY reason was:

I wanted Stephan to suffer. I wanted him to be cruelly and brutally criticized by non-fans viewers, jury, and especially the media. And of course to make fun of him every single time he was out there.

I remember it so clearly how I laughed my ass off when his shaky voice was heard saying, "Jeder der mich ausgebuht hat, soll sich hier hin stellen und es tausend Mal besser machen als ich.", and jogged off the stage with a gotta-keep-smiling-because- I'm-almost-breakin-off-to-tears forced half-smile. Huahahahahahahahhaa..

It turns out that the suffering reached its highest height, apparently. As of today, out there in the media, Stephan follows the footsteps of Marlea Stroman and Mario Vazquez of American Idol hopefuls, that is taking himself out of the competition.

Good luck, Stephan. I sincerely hope you will find back your sanity out there. Like the sanity that you needed the first place when you thought you can be Deutschlands Superstar, and went to audition for it. Thanks for sparking up the show and making me actually starting to like watching it.

And if you think that the media won't start picking on you, read this. On a totally unrelated note, now that is hillarious.

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