Thursday, January 19, 2006

on the award that looks like bookends

Current books read: Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, by JK Rowling. I had been warned that it was gonna be boring. I just don't realize that it would be this boring. OMG.

If you watch The Office Christmas Special DVD extra features, you'll know why the title is written like the title.

Anyway, after successfully almost fainted holding my sleepiness for 3 hours, you don't think that I will let the Globes slips not through my fingers like that, do you? Here's some short notes on it.

It turns out that I still squint my eyes everytime I hear the words that say: Golden Globe is a barometer or early prediction for Oscar. Well, that might be true.. in 1984, perhaps! Duh?

If Scarlett Johannson was a supporting actress, who's the leading actor/ress in Match Point? I honestly thought that that Elvis bloke and Scarlett Jo had more or less the same portion of a role in that movie. My logic was if Scarlett Jo is supporting, then Elvis is supporting. So, who's leading? [Before you jump in, I try to omit the fact that this may only be how the production house does the campaign.]

No comments on Jason Lee. Otherwise some people who really like to jump into conclusion will think the wrong way.

I still can't believe that some two hundred people were still successfully fooled by Hugh Laurie, including his producer for House. Didn't they watched extras for Friends - The Complete Fourth Season? Come to think of it, me neither. :p . I have only watched the VCDs in Indonesia. Potato, rice. But still, in it, it was clear as hell that Hugh Laurie is british. Or at least, he's an american who speaks in british accent during non-acting gig. If you insist.

The Globes did acknowledge music categories. Why aren't they recognizing best reality shows in the TV category?

On a longer note..

I'm glad that Mary-Louise Parker won one. Because I knew her first through Golden Globes. Back then, she nailed it for her performance in Angels in America (AIA). I hadn't watched it then, so I couldn't comment on her winning.

After I watched it, I think she did an OK job. Her character itself had been a complex one. So.. It's not her fault that I don't really like it though, it's the actor who played Belize's fault for overshadowing anyone else. Heheheh..

Anyway, that impression of Mary-Louise sitting, making her way to the stage, stays for years in my mind. When I watched AIA the first time, I was like, "I thought I knew her from somewhere." Stupid. The impression stayed so long until I watched her in The West Wing.

Her character in The West Wing, named Amy Gardner, is one of my most beloved character in TV series, simply because that she can gain control over Josh Lyman. Wohoo.. Amy-Josh develop quite a love/career story, that is really interesting. Second good impression.

So that night, when what-is-his-problem Chris Rock came out, before announcing her name (I wasn't paying attention to the nominee list, come on), I thought again.. "I thought I knew her from somewhere." Glad that she finally strolled up to the stage and made a speech and reminded me why I like Amy Gardner.

It's how she utters the words, that's why. Now, should I watch Weeds?


Gets said...

You have to be patient when it comes to Pensieve stuffs. I don't know about anyone else but it came out totally worth it for me at the end.

For too many times was I on the verge of being bored but I kept on cheering myself to get through it, as enjoyable as possible. I did enjoy it. I found that part of the story as provision needed to venture the next part, or the next book, or the next ultimate fight against the Dark Lord.. hahaha..

Bie said...

No spoilers! *puttingfingersonmyears* Yadda yadda blabla taratttatatata nanannanaananna mimamamoomoomimu... Not hearing...

Gets said...

It's not one..