Wednesday, February 02, 2005

2K5 - month one

"Honey, you could die if you hold on to that damn resolution. It's just like if I had resolution to quit smoking."

So one guy (he just overuses honey, seriously. Even he called his 60-year-old tenant: honey) said that sentence to me. He just knows me that well. Or maybe I open myself to him that well. And because of that he asked me to 'accompany' him to the movie more than once so that 'I' can watch movie. Whatta nice dude. And I kept saying yes. Whatta manipulative shrew.

Anyway, due to his generosity, I watched Lost in Translation (so I made my first manipulation, anyway), Team America and the Aviator. The funny thing is.. I don't care about those movies. You know how I previously überobsessed to movies, like after I watched them, I immediately typed in the next internet connected browser, and went to the trivia section. But I did not.

The funny thing is that
  • After watching LiT, I only said, 'Well, that's a nice simple movie. Where do we eat?'.
  • After watching Team America, I only said, 'You are responsible for making me shh-ed because of laughing uncontrollably.' But for my defense, the germans don't get the joke. Huh!
  • And after the Aviator, none other than 'Damn, I was bored.' Oh wait, I think I also said, 'I like Katie even more.'
I didn't care.., wait let me rephrase that. I wasn't aware of the cinematography of this, editing of that, sound editing of it. Seriously. If you think that I did that on purpose, I did not. I didn't even know that I can walk out of one of my comfort zones almost that easy. But then again, it's only been one month. There's still eleven long cold (whoops, not in summer) months to hold on to.

the Aviator-wise, I didn't even know who Jude Law played (Clark Gable? Slap me on the face with it). But I do remember who Kate Beckinsale played (I save it for a big great laugh with my best friend back home). And Cate Blanchett, I love her even more. Whoopee..

No no no, don't get me wrong. I still need movies. I will still love them. It's just that I'm not in that era of truly madly deeply into them. Well, I still talk about movies of course. Like two days ago, I and some friends were watching the Green Mile. And I started saying things like ,'Do you know that this was loosely related to the history of Jesus Christ?' And I still love the ooohh..'s and the ahh..'s that come from their mouth after I presented them with the facts underlying my question. Or sometimes the ooohh's and ahh's sound like 'You are just crazy. Period.'

Schönen abend und süße Träume everyone..

[or course I couldn't fucking remember how my or other people's sentences were actually uttered. So honey-overuser, if you're reading this, corrections are much welcomed. But play nice. Hhehhheheheheh..

Believe it or not, this post was half-fiction.]

By the way, MY GYM CARD IS READY!! Woohooo... After one month of no gym.. back in the game, baby!


Mike said...

well, congratulations for your effort. i think you did a marvelous job, and if you really mean it you can achieve it without any pain at all.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha.. didn't notice this post clearly before. You know I got bored with writings. Yawn!!

Anyway, never said that you're crazy. Just think you're insane, honey.

Oh, honey, BTW, I think Lemony Snicket's out this weekend. Wanna grab cola and sit in the dark while watch it? Or that the Fockers thing. It's your call!