Wednesday, February 23, 2005

who's Ringo?

This is the third time today, and I think the seventh or eighth time this week (it ain't even over yet), that I got a mail with this subject:

Please help me update my address book on Ringo

Anybody got a clearer description on what is this Ringo thingy?


mellyana said...

got the same message. turn out it's a real thing. haven't check it by myself, but confirm it to friends who send it to me. kasih tahu kalo udah tahu juga ya :))

Bie said...

kayaknya si Mel, itu tuh sistem jaringan temen2an macam Friendster, hi5, atau yang laen2 lagi. Dengan rada2 kedok "adress book" Cuman ya..

Apa satu aja gak cukup, ya? Hehehe.. Gue sih punya Friendster sama blogger sama yahoo mail aja perasaan dah berkecukupan deh.. Hehehehe..

Kan gue juga jadi bingung kalo ngubungin siapa ke mana jadinya kalo gini

Mike said...

Why you didn't answer my comment in Survivor Palau? Hehehehe.

Yes I got the same message and I deleted it immediately