Thursday, February 10, 2005

javascript rollover text

After a boredom struck in the office, googling those characters on the title, two useless websites, I finally think that I find the answer for the problem that was haunting me for the past week. Hopefully this really will work and Jason will like it. Otherwise, well, can't blame a guy for trying.

An excerpt of the problem:

It's similar to an img rollover where img#1 and img#2 are in different locations on the page - when you mouseOver img#1, img#2 performs the rollover event. I'd like to be able to do this, but with text instead of images. MousingOver txt#1 changes the text of txt#2.
[originally posted by robsta]

Woof! Can't wait for tonight to try it out on my lappers, and later on brag it to Jason. Huahahaha..

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