Friday, February 25, 2005

musical conversation

I was once spending time with a new friend of mine. Since we both are so into musicals (stage, not movies) what else can we talk other than that. And of course asking questions back and forth. Some of the results:

Favorite musical?
Me – hard to be determined since I had only watched Der König der Löwen on stage. But listening, or watching the home vids, or learning the background, it’s Miss Saigon
Him – Sunset Blvd.

Sunset Blvd. Favorite number?
Me – torn between Let’s Have Lunch and Girl Meets Boy
Him – Sunset Boulevard [fair enough, it’s a really great number]

Miss Saigon. Fav number?
Me – Bui Doi
Him – This song, when Kim and Chris's wife sing together.. I Still Believe

Phantom musical. Had watched it?
Me – Nope
Him – Yeppers.. German version, though..

Phantom movie. Had watched it? Fav number?
Me – Yeppers.. Both German and English version – Notes
Him – Nope. Boycott it because of the absence of Michael Crawford [Oh, Dear, dealing with hardcores here..] – Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again

Les Mis. Had watched it? Fav number?
Me – The movie, all three of ‘em. Hahahaha.. The musicals, only the 10th year anniversary concert – Confrontation
Him – Absolutely. London, 1992. [I envy him right there and then] – Stars

Les Mis. Favorite solo number: [He emphasized the word ‘solo’ because he starts to read how I usually picked my favorite. And I even didn’t realize it before]
Me – Stars
Him – Stars

The Lion King. Had watched it? Fav number?
Me – Yes. Hamburg, 2005 – Er Lebt in Dir
Him – Nope – I think it’s gonna be Circle of Life

Beauty and the Beast. Had watched it? Fav number?
Me – Nope – The Mob Song
Him – Nope – Home
Him – Let’s watch it together
Me – Nah, not so interested

Best musical movie:
Me – From what I had watched, Chicago
Him – No, I mean, musical movie, not movie based from musicals
Me – Singin’ in the Rain
Him – Kabhie Kushi Kabhie Gham [sp?]
Me – [rolled my eyes, fold my arms on my chest] Seriously!
Him – I am!

Get into musicals through
Me – Disney movies
Him – Opera [tsk tsk tsk..]

First musical ever in any kind:
Me – Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – Home Vids
Him – Hair – local theatre

If have the ability, talent, skill, and chance, want to audition for which:
Me – A Chorus Line or Grease
Him – Starlight Express
Me – Hey, me too! To get the free course of riding on skates. Hahahaha..

Favorite movie based on musical:
Me – Chicago
Him – don’t have one

Latestly watched movie or stage:
Me – Chess – Swedish version – Home Vids – Recorded on stage
Him – Team America: World Police – at the movies

Last time heard, hummed, sang, or watched musical related thing:
Me – Just right before I met you – through my mp3 player
Him – Just right before I called you – through my discman

Favorite line:
Me – Currently: Before we fan some harmless flame, we have to ask if this is wise, and if the game is worth the price – Sunset Blvd.The Perfect Year
Him – To love another person is to see the face of God – Les MisFinale

Ever took part in musical?
Me – A cheesy but highly praised choral musical performance – Only danced there – Had a great time
Him – A revival of Sunset Blvd. in high school – Joe Gillis

Me – [from him] you like dialogue songs more than solo songs
Him – [from me] bet you like Kabhie Kushi because it sets in London


mellyana said...

pengen nonton miss saigon. hiks

Bie said...

same here.. hehehee..

Mike said...

me too.

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Mike said...

when and where?

Bie said...

then and there