Thursday, February 17, 2005

now, wait a minute!

There's something fishy in Palau. Why was every male castaway showing a lot of flesh in the main picture of the new Survivor season's (Survivor: Palau) website? One is wearing a sleeveless tight tank, one is wearing unbuttoned shirt, and the others are shirtless??! Come on now..

castaways of Survivor: Palau

Is it a hint that this season will not be as interesting as the others (despite the 'big' twist)? Hmm.. Or maybe it is so that there are more to talk in Survivor Live [I'm gonna miss this one so bad]? Hmm.. Or maybe it is another Manhunt slipped in the form of Survivor? Hmm..

But anyway, happy watching tonight!

Can I watch the first episode? Please, only the first episode.. I'm dying to see the twist and the first tribal council.. Please? Pretty please?


Mike said...

Maybe you should consider again your resolution. I'm the one of several who against it. So did you watch it?

Bie said...

Of course not! Do you think I am an easy quitter? Hehehee.. What to watch anyway, shirtless men? Nah, keine Lust dazu. Habe genug jederzeit wenn ich bei Gym bin. Hahahahhaa.. [ok, please nasty comments aside]

But I seriously curious about the first twist, after that, I think it will be the same ol' story, who can lie, cheat, steal, and the end, sweet-talk the best.

Mike said...

Do you want me to tell you?

Bie said...

No, I don't huehehehee..

Well, I already know what kind of twist it was, thanks to Probst, but what made me curious is how the castaways reacted, and what was going on after that.

But I will find out when I have the time.