Friday, February 18, 2005

make believe vs the age of believing

When I was a kid, I played on the street.
I'd always loved illusion.
I thought make believe was truer than life,
but now, it's all confusion..

[Too Much in Love to Care - Sunset Blvd.]


I'm just confused. How can they say to me

I take everything that you say as the truth

eventhough it was 100% joke. Come on! I was famous as one of the best jokers!!

If that's the case, I would only say the truth to them. No jokes, no riddles, no making-fun's. I will feel 220% uncomfortable, but what the heck.

If that's the case, I would take whatever they said as the truth. All jokes, all riddles, all making-fun's, as in the word of Doug Ross: 'GONE!'

But right after that, they keep retracting their words, saying things that I think they don't mean to say, telling me things that I don't think filtering or censoring has been executed in their heads, daring me to do things, maybe thinking that I'm afraid to do it. All jokes, riddles, making-fun's aside, it's the truth.

So there you go, I'm not afraid of anything, moreover doing things you asked me to do. Well, of course I'm always afraid of my biggest fears in life I told J├╝rgen about.

So the truth will sometime bite you in the ass. Or even crotch. It's biting mine now.

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