Thursday, May 24, 2007

worst finale ever - idol top 2

I have like 30 minutes to write this thing down.


Like Simon Cowell, I entered last night finale episode of American Idol rooting for Blake Lewis to bring home the title. I don't really care about who should win technically or who will win vote-gettingly or whatever, I just think that eventhough I think that Blake's vocal is not the best, I can fall for that kind of vocal more easily than Jordin Sparks'.

Like I already sing Blake's version of "This Love" more and more these days. With the beat-boxing and all. Or the day I decided that I liked Take That.

If Paula Abdul said that this was the best finale ever, I bravely say that this is the WORST finale ever. By far. Not only that both of the finalist perform without any oomph, but the show also didn't have any oomph. To be honest, I was more excited to try to recognize some faces in the audience rather than to watch their performance. But funnily, I didn't see any Sanjaya. Heheh..

Blake performed unsurprisingly in his first song. Screamy in the second one. And just terrible in the last one.

Jordin on the other hand, or in this case on the same hand, was struggling in her first song. Screamy in the second one (but very well executed screamy that is). And messed up the third one. She cried. I mean broke down almost in tears. Some verses before the end of the song. Weird, eh? Her voice trembled, and it was actually her chance to play her 17-year-old card for the last time.

Argh, anyway, I think Jordin is winning, and I don't really care actually.

Oh, yeah, and I think I am on the same page with everyone else that said that the winning song sucked.

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