Monday, May 14, 2007

give me a B! give me Gs! what does it say? - idol top 4

Hah, hah, hah, hah'm staying alive, staying alive. Staying alive after the loss of two of my favourite contestants last week.

So, on that note ...

... wohooo! Bee Gees night! The songs will be familiar, it will feels very much like home and I can dance like I dance in my living room, and chant the words like I always do in front of my TV. Wait, there's something strange, since those are the things I did this week.

Anyway, if I'm not mistaken, Bee Gees night was first done in season 2. Also in the top 4. Clay Aiken fans must have remembered those blazing red leather jackets and his horrendous interesting hip thrusts. Joshua Gracin's fans must have remembered the gorge country vocals by him during his "To Love Somebody" rendition. And so on.

I wonder how tonight will be remembered.

Hmm, tonight will be remembered the night the top 4 (once again) struggled with theme nights.

Barry Gibb is such a sweetheart to not tell the contestants right in the face that they suck, and they screw out most of his songs. I'm not naming names here, *coughBlakecough*, but seriously ...

By the way, Simon used the word pageant-y!! YAY, Simon! I know I can count on you. He used it when commenting on Jordin Sparks' second performance. He called it that. I called it screamy. Barry Gibb has clearly subtly carefully considerately implied that, "Jordin, you can choose whether to go soft or strong on those difficult notes." Yeah, I'm paraphrasing. Jordin chose to go strong. Screamy.

On the first performance she did better, though. I think she owe it to her country-ballad edge that she has.

Melinda Doolittle is a grand finalist. No doubt about it. Even when she sucked, she did much better than most of her contenders. Until today, I still long for the day I am able to belt that song titled "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?". Someday, someday. But then Melinda slammed it in my face that that someday might still be a very long while. Sigh.

Lakisha Jones lost her voice. Argh, she should have sashayed more knowing her voice left her with nothing but her sexy curves and lips. But I really applaud her for still showing up there and did her thing. Seriously, if Diana DeGarmo survived Elton John night singing sick, Lakisha should have been saved as well. Too bad her fanbase are not that big, and she lost her voice during top 4. When each and every fanbase are in tact.

Now the one that performance wise should have gone home is Blake Lewis. I literally changed channels during his performance. And I winced. And cringed. And eventhough I prefer him to Jordin to be on the finale (so that the night won't be a sing off night), based on that performance, "Duh!". No, it's not English, it's Indonesian "Duh!".

In the meantime, I leave you with a perfect rendition of "Run to Me" on my iTunes. Sung by the Bee Gees (Although Josh Gracin did a pretty sweet rendition during season 2 top 4 group performance as well).

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