Thursday, May 17, 2007

this is the time when "what were you thinking" fits the headline - idol top 3

It's over. The season is officially over. I mean, seriously .. But, I'm not here to comment on the result. I'm here to comment about the top 3.

There is always a moment when I say to myself, "Gosh, this chick should win American Idol, or offer her a record deal, sofort!" just to see myself retracting that saying after a while, "Nope. Spoke too soon. She still needs to wait for another year or two. Or take a helluva vocal training." (not because she needs it desperately, but to shape things up).

I always say that to Jordin Sparks. And last night she did it again. I think the first song really suited her well (OK, I give it to Simon to pick the song for her). But I cringed on the second song. But still, week in week out, I give it to Jordin to be what American Idol is (supposed to be) all about. A raw, undiscovered talent, entertaining, with a personality of a poodle. That's a compliment.

What about professionalism? Well, it's written all over Melinda Doolittle's face. She is the example of someone who does everything right for Idol. EVERYTHING. From performing consistently good every week, lack of fashion victim moments (hair, dress, make-up, whatnot), personality which is lovable and humble (and other positive -ble others) downright to her alter-ego-ish performances.

Last night when Randy said that he chose "I Believe in You and Me" for Melinda, I kinda spoiled-girlishly screamed, "It's not fair!". That song is so difficult (for Melinda). Because it's rangy (Melinda's range is not her forte), it's Whitney (it always ticks off Simon's bad side), and others' were chosen because it suits them the best. But anyway, you do realize we're talking about Melinda, right? She belted that song alright.

Idol is also about marketable. And no one is more marketable this year than Blake Lewis. He's sorta cute. He's sorta fashionable. He's sorta talented. He's sorta original (actually I've been questioning myself about this last statement. What's really original about Blake to be honest?). He's sorta please-do-my-hair-differently-this-week-Miles. He's sorta able to move around stage comfortably. I read somewhere else that he's arrogant though. But with a publicist in hand, that wouldn't be problem.

Last night I kinda think that I really wanted to see this kid in the finale against Melinda. But I kinda regret that I said that, just because if he's not beatboxing (as the judges pleaded him to do or not do), I don't really like his voice. Ah well. Voice schmoice. It's not all about voice anyway.. And by the way I still can't embrace him fully, because his music reminds me a lot of NSync's Celebrity. Which I loathe.

Speaking of beatboxing, how's Travis Tucker doing?

Enjoy last week of American Idol 6 next week. I know I won't.

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