Saturday, May 12, 2007

I got so emotional baby - idol top 6 err again

This is the only time that something good comes out of my slacking. Yeah, I slack. Most of the times. It may come as a surprise for you, but I do.

I have had the intentions of writing the next paragraph since twenty I can no longer count how many days ago. Yeah, the day when Haley Scarnato was eliminated. And I didn't write it. And when there was a chance last week, I didn't again. I figured, maybe I wouldn't be able to live the consequences. And then what I'm thinking happened last week. It won't happen again now, but I'm a write it down anyway, right now.

I don't want anyone to go home.

First things first. Impression about the night. Hmm.. Bon Jovi night. What a tough night (even for me). Why tough? Because the songs will be rangy, rocky, and my-sister-y. Yeah, were my sister one of the contestant, she would have put her hands together resembling a clap in front of her chest, squeezed them, bend her knees, and said, "I'm a huge, huge fan of you." She is a big fan of Bon Jovi and Jon, and I kinda know their and his 80s and 90s songs just because my sister relentlessly played it like all day and all night and had all their albums and their posters hanging on the wall and .. you know .. stuff that teenagers do when you're a big fan. (I wonder how old Jordin Sparks' mom, then)

Off to the contestants.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, Blake Lewis is back in the house. I miss him, to be honest. Performing like this, to be precise. I mean for me, if Blake wants to win me, he needs to do one thing and one thing only: perform breng-breng-gedumbreng everytime. EVERY-freaking-TIME. I mean, come on, let's be honest, here. His vocal is not that interesting. He kept sporting good hairdos (which strangely gone brunette this week). And I like hearing songs that I can dance to.

But actually, I still prefer his version of that song in Diana Ross week, rather this one. Why didn't he choose "Keep the Faith" to keep it beat-y, I won't know. And when Simon said that he thought that there would be people who would love it and hate it, I lean towards "hate it" more. Sorry, Blake. But of course, I won't choose him as one of the two to go home.

Chris Richardson did OK. It's just another Chris Richardson performance. Nothing special, nothing (completely) original. He was so daring (I am a bit tempted to write stupid, but ..) to choose that song previously sung by Chris Daughtry, on the night when Chris D was dubbed the one to beat on Idol stage. Ouch Chris (R not D). But of course, I won't choose him as one of the two to go home.

Lakisha Jones may have gained some grounds on the race (that was over some weeks ago) she was in with Melinda Doolittle after the performance. I think both perform almost equally well, but Lakisha has that edge of that flirtatious moment with Simon Cowell. But on the other hand, of course Melinda has that edge of her fans, which I think, it is already much bigger than Lakisha's.

Jordin Sparks was horrible. Seriously. I won't speak more to that.

When I was just like 12 or so, I watched religiously an Idol-like television show called Star Search. On one of those nights, there was this man, with his cowboy-hat on, boots on, guitar strapped, strummed and he sang "Blaze of Glory". With a country twist.

That moment changed my life (said with the Oprah accent). Since that time, country vocals keep me amazed, and everytime I hear "Blaze of Glory", I always wish that the performer induces a bit of country flavour in it.

That's why I was glad and then sad knowing Phil Stacey chooses the song. Glad because I could hear an country-like version of the song, sad because Phil didn't use his country thang to the song. One word: disappointment.

Oh, Phil. But of course, I won't choose him as one of the two to go home.

PS: Oh, my God. I slack even more!! Hehehe..

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