Friday, May 04, 2007

thursday. the third day.

Thursday morning. My gym. Around 8:10 am. Still 20 minutes to rush to the shower and then the office. Lateral raise machine. Yeah.

So I was sitting on the machine, resting in between second and third set of lateral raise, when suddenly I heard a voice, which I was pretty sure that it was addressed to me. I have to write this in Indonesian to achieve full effect. The voice, clearly belongs to a woman, heard, "Hey. Kamu punya badan bagus ya ..." (translation: Hey. You have a nice body ...)

I finally knew how the weather was like on cloud number nine after she said that. I turned my head, posed a sheepish smile (my smile is always kinda sheepish anyway) and that lady was actually talking to me. Yeah, shocking.

I haven't really taken in those nanoseconds precious moment, when she continued, "... kelenturannya." (translation: flexibility wise).

OK. It was not really cloud number nine. But I'll give it a number eight regardless.

I don't know who she is. I can't remember her face. She was (I think) in my Thursday 7 AM yoga class. I don't think I will recognize her shall we meet again.

One thing for sure. She made my Thursday.

PS: Yeah. This guy made my Thursday too. Thanks again, mate.

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