Monday, May 21, 2007

(not) one night only (I really don't know what to write as title, but then my iTunes was playing One Night Only. So that's it)

I kept talking about Melinda and Lakisha race for the past three months now (Oh my, I didn't realize that it was that long), just to find another race on my iTunes.

Check this out.

So. Dreamgirls 7. Musical 8 (Wicked is a very very very good musical, by the way and that song is some showstopper!). Scissor Sisters 1. Gloria Estefan (just because the song is so nostalgic) 1.

Speaking of Dreamgirls, I just found yet another person to give my charm plague to. Don't blame me. He's the only one in years after I said, "The reason that I learn French is to know how to read it correctly. Like to sing along to Notre-Dame de Paris." (we talked about musicals about some minutes earlier), he replied with wide-eyed wonderment, "Do you have the CD from that musical?????!!!". I did, but I didn't. I left it in Hamburg. Bummer.

So yeah, after we traded our knowledge on (to name a few) Le Temps des Cathédrales (best opening song EVER of a musical, by the way), Bohemienne, Les Sans-Papiers, I assumed, "You've watched Dreamgirls, then I bet." He said, no, because he heard it was very boring. I tried to regain my composure, sip my juice coolly and said, "Yes, that's true. The movie. Not the musical."

So I think the next time I'll be in that mall where I usually buy my DVDs, I will buy another copy of Dreamgirls. For the fifth time.

We kinda spent the night by watching Beyoncé's Listen, though. Not for the fifth time.

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Indriana said...

Halo Bie... sabtu ini udah ada rencana belom? Barusan aku kirim email ke yahoo...