Monday, April 25, 2005

weekend distraction

American Beauty x 4 families = Sex and the City + 10 years = Desperate Housewives.

This one series can crumble my reluctance of watching any American television series because of the described formula above.

I got acquainted with a guy. He has a television which he doesn't like to be attached to. But everytime I was in his place, he always turned it on because he likes to know about news, have his favorite German series, and uses this as an excuse: "You can improve your German by this." He's right on the last point.

But... [well, you know that there's a big but coming your way, don't you..] because of this, I have to sit through endless Werbungen of new series in the telly. To name a few: Lost - Montag 20:15, Sex and the City - Dienstag 20:15, and Desperate Housewives - Dienstag 21:15. These are only in Pro7. And I just can't resist it. Eventhough I was relieved that the series are all on workdays, so God saves me.

But... second big fat but coming your way.. you know what, they have bloody reruns on weekends! Lost is rerun every Friday night. And two weekends ago, I accidentally turned on the telly during late lunch time, and there they were. In front of me. Lynette, Bree, Susan, Gabrielle, Edie and the voice of Mary Alice. And eventhough they speak fluent German, I was hooked. Dang!

For me, Teri Hatcher is superb as Susan. Remember her as the luckiest girl on earth eventhough Kevin Smith thought that she wont be able to bear her crush's child named Lois Lane? Remember her as a sexy bond girl? All that images are wiped out in this series. Maybe it's because of the German, though. Hehehe..

And I just LOVE Gabrielle. The aerial shot showing her mowing the grass in her dress and high-heels was just hillariously terriffic. Eventhough I am still on the fence about her affair with umm.. what's his name? :D

Each of the housewives', desperate or not, deepest darkest secret are presented before us. Took place in an American suburbs and gave an intimate look to each housewives' family (should they be called homemakers, instead?), the series just reminded me of other dark comedy American suburbs life: American Beauty.

While the four friends, four different women, four different strong personalities, bring the memories of other four women of Sex and the City. Not the sex.

Anyway, the suspense in the series that makes me twinge and curious by the end of every episode, eventhough I cant understand 100% of Mary Alice's narration throughout the episode. It's an interesting series, but just dont ask me to sit through each episode of them, because I will only watch it if I dont have anything to do every Saturday, at 17:15. If I'm not mistaken.

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