Monday, April 18, 2005

spotting río de la luna

What I got by spotting La Mala Educación:

1. Moon river that is not wider than a mile, but .. is followed by foreign words. Spanish that is.

2. Amazing performance(s) by Gael García Bernal. Simply put, either he's just so f@cking talented, or he owes his friend an endless amount of money to go into those acting classes. And he's a pretty hot Chuck (or Dick?) as well.

3. A suggested impression that the famous blurred oral sex scene was not done by Gael, but some stand-in. At least that's what I think. But, hey, movies are make-believes, aren't they?
4. "What?" or *GASP!* or "Hä?" or "Really?" due to the twist(s). I thought I had it all figured out. DAMN..
5. Endless amazing scenes and famous told-by-Almodovar story. To name a view: (a) watch the scene closely when young Ignacio sings Garden (is it? Because my subtitle was in German), and Almodovar put two extremely contrast faces of actors, that changed and unchanged during the song; (b) the Moon River scene; (c) the first take of scene 99 of La Visita that ends with crying Angel (ang-hel, not en-jel); (d) the introduction of Berenguer and Juan; and still more..

6. Confusion, some confusions, and maybe even some more.. Hehehe.. But it is always the "it" that I like about a movie. Its challenge.
7. Disturbance, uneaseness, and the feeling that you want to watch it again.
8. One simply great movie.


Gets said...

What a joincidence.. Gue jg baru nonton Diarios(DVD)on the same day you wrote this--it was 3AM on Monday(here) when I finished.. hehe..n it's so adorable, I sat through all of the extras. Well, what I really meant is.. Hala Gayel!..

Mike said...

Well, yes, I think it's a good one too. Too bad they didn't go to Oscar since Spain insert The Sea Inside instead of them.