Wednesday, April 13, 2005

blogplan... awesome!

Due to my: 1. stupidity, 2. haste, 3. broken German :(, I just found out TODAY what means, and what it does to blogs.

First lost in translation moment is that 'plan' as in blogplan, can be translated to the same word plan as in 'I don't have any plans yet'. However, if you read the word Stadtplan, that mostly doesn't mean city plan (Stadt = city), but city map. So plan also means map.

So, when I was first directed to, I see this famous railroad map (Linienplan) from HVV, and I thought is about [get this proof of stupidity] the blog for plan for the development of HVV tracks (especially S- and U-Bahn's) in and around Hamburg. I was like, wow.. HVV or authorities in Hamburg is very technology and trend aware by posting a blog about this. Very unlikely.

However, now I realized that literally it means blog map. This literal translation proves to be the exact meaning of the site. I still have my smirk on my face right now as I typing this word when I finally realize that blogplan is a blog map! So the creator allows bloggers to list their blogs based on the S- and U-Bahn's (even RE's) stop around Hamburg. The idea was inspired by nyc bloggers.

I realized the true use of this idea is when I accessed the site this time, I wondered why they are still using the old Linienplan for the trains? FYI, HVV enlarged its service on December 12th, 2004 and that means that they have new Linienplan. And why there are no news on the rumor that I heard that they are going to build a new stop between Stephansplatz and Hallerstraße for U1?

After I realized everything, I was like, whoa, this thing is cool. And why don't I register on the roll? Eventhough my current status as Hamburger is only for the weekends. Hehehe.. So try to find me somewhere down there. So, thanks Nico, Thorsten, and Sven!

Also, Hamburger.. meldet euch sofort an!

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