Friday, April 08, 2005

sip a coffee and laugh

Paige Fox is one of the smartest gal around. By smart, I mean manipulative, brotherly unsupportive, and may be the first gal to say, "Mooomm.. Peter or Jason broke your Ming Vase." I doubt that the Foxes has one, though. But in a sentence, Paige reminds me of my sister, while I am more Jason.

Yesterday's edition of FoxTrot proves it once again.

Notice how Bill Amend doesn't draw Peter or Jason around to remind me that Paige did it not in front of her brothers. Manipulative. Hmm.. makes me wonder, did my sister do that as well? Don't get me wrong, that is exactly how I felt about my sister, but things change, you know, and of course, she is not Paige-ish anymore, but I'm still Jasonish. Huahahahhaa..

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