Wednesday, April 13, 2005

twitches of eastwick

So, today, I'm off for sitting in front of my computer for 8 hours or even more. I will just do some paperwork that I have been contemplating of doing, some work-related-or-not articles reading, and some Hausaufgabe writing as well. It's because...

I have twitches in my top-left eye! Huhhuhuhu.. It got worse if I look at the monitor. So now I'm having my monitor at a very low level of brightness and contrast. But still, twitches and twitches.

And no, I dont believe that twitches mean something. Not that kind of person. :)

BTW, I hope twitches means kedutan. :D


Mike said...

well, i think that's not the exact word but it's okay. other indonesian fellow would understand it. rama has moved to singapore. geget has a new board house. so how many month to go? btw when you go to bremen haven did u take the upper road or the bottom one?

Bie said...

well, I'm sorry. I used indo-german online dictionary, and then used german-english online dictionary, and select which one is the most appropriate one.

Coincidentally, after you said that it's not the correct one, I googled twitch eye, and surprisingly I think it is the correct word. Huhauhiuaiehiaue..

Umm.. what does twitching have to do with Rama and Geget?? Or maybe it does..

And what are upper road and bottom road? One thing for sure is I take the railroad. Heuhaeuaheua..

Mike said...

Is the rail road along side with the high way?

so when will you won't be commuter anymore?

Bie said...

I dont know and I dont think so. I think I took the middle road. Huehauehaueaue..

And counting minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months is not my favorite thing to do when waiting for something. But to answer your question, some time in the midst of sunny July summer. YES!!

Mike said...

What do you mean by the last YES?
Ok, I'm not asking you to count that, but just curious about few things.