Wednesday, April 20, 2005

to do's vs to do's

Spring comes. Things to do from a german friend of mine may look like this [I essentially summarized them based on endless conversation about the changes between the season]

1. cleaning the balcony
2. buying or renovating balcony furniture
3. putting out gardening + barbecue tools
4. putting in winter tools
5. rearrange wardrobe
6. locate sunscreen
7. "six-packs" doesnt only mean favorite things to buy in stores, but also goal for certain muscle group to show-off in summer. so hit the gym!

Huahahahhahahahaa.. Meanwhile [urgh, really hate saying this word], my to-do's are:

1. Treat current lodging as permanent lodging, because still gonna be there for a while
2. That means: put effort in decorating, make it homy, and most important love it
3. That means: start a new list of to buy, to bring, to create, or to invent
4. That means: time to go to IKEA - question mark - wink - grin - shrug
5. Know the resources of room, and move ass to achieve those four above
6. Determine whether Bremerhaven room will be spring room or summer room. Not worth the effort to have both.
7. Oh, and work hard. - snicker

Not so springy, eh?


Charlie Hendrawan said...

wah, betah loe yak di bremerhaven? ;D

Bie said...

Lah justru karena gak betah sampe saat ini gue masih memperlakukan kamar gue sebagai temporary lodging. Jadinya amat plain, gak comfy, terus rada2 berantakan.

Tapi kalo jadi permanen lodging bakalan lebih berantakan dari yang sekarang kali ya.. Hehehehhe..

Mike said...

so how about your work to jason?

Bie said...

wait a sec. I'm not working to Jason..

Mike said...

Ok, but how is the progress? been published it yet?