Wednesday, April 27, 2005

some tidbits

Nokia will what?? Looks like N91 is a really cool thing to have, eh? Last quarter of 2005, hmm.. exactly at the end of my contract with O2. Hehehe..


Okay.... breathe.... hold on to your armchair. Einatmen... ausatmen... einatmen.. I just found out that Bremerhaven doesn't have H&M branch. Einatmen... ausatmen... Weekend is not that far away... But it's just so §@&$$%§ §$"xx&/"!!!!!!!!!


Last night's dream was PSM-ITB performing Les Miserables, and I was invited to be the organizer! I was the producer, and I think I became the most ruthless producer that they have ever had. In the dream, I only remember that Kiki was Fantine, and Marina is Mrs. Thenadier. And I got the goosebumps when "and the tigers come at night... with their voices soft as thunder..." was sung by Kiki. Good job, Ki!

The funniest of all is that in that dream, no Marius, no Javert, no Valjean. The reason: We don't have a qualified male solo performer, so they stayed on the choir". Huehahahahaeuaha..


I haven't told you but I really love Bremerhavenn gym's sauna!! So my schedule every Thursday now is working 9 to 5 (as always), and then hit the gym for one and a half hours or so, then have the sauna as long as it takes. Yikes!

The best thing from the sauna is that they have this Ruheraum (quiet room) where on its balcony at 1830 hours, is the exact time when the sun shines on it, and the cool Nordsee breeze is on you, and time to put 8 hours of work behind you. And that mixture of temperature of your body from the sauna, of the burning sun, of the wind, the view of Fischereihafen in front of you.. Argh.. can't wait for tomorrow!!


Last night's dream was not the only strange dreams that I had this past few days. But right at the time that I want to tell them all, they just vaporized. Sucks, doesn't it? Well, so let's just say that I dreamed a dream. Tee hee hee..

But to be honest, I rarely have a dreamless sleep nowadays. I don't know what causes that. Unsettled subconsciousness?


By the way, want to test Yahoo! 360° in detail, but of course can't do it in the office. But on the first glimpse, more or less like current multiply [cant tell for sure because I'm not a multiplier] or Friendster. Love the integration with other Yahoo! service, but still lurv blogger more for blogging.


This article about still good thangs about Mozilla Firefox open my eyes wider and wider with amazement. So seriously, I still can't think why people are still browsing with IE. Well, curious to see IE7 this summer though, but still, Firefox rox!!

And have you heard of its updates? Extensions? Themes? It's like going to IKEA and then try to choose and assemble the accessories by yourself to make the final product suit you best.


Have a good day everyone!


Charlie Hendrawan said...

Hidup Nokia!!!! ;D

Bie said...

astaga!! Lupa gue ada NOKIA hardcore-ers di sekitar.. *clingak-clinguk*

Mike said...

Wakakaka, Marina? Well a weird dreams as usual.