Wednesday, March 23, 2005

the dom effect

Hihihi.. not a post about DOM, but about the oh-so-getting-to-my-excitement-trigger Hamburger Dom. Believe it or not, they change it!

First change, I will not know that Dom was there starting last Friday, March 18th, had Jürgen has not told me so, because there are no advertisements on the S- or U-Bahn's around Hamburg unlike the last time around. I still don't know whether they are still working with HVV as partner or not, but there are no advertisements. Period.

Second change, I knew that I read something about Hamburger Dom some time last week on the streets of Hamburg, but I was not 100% sure, because, they have different logo now. It is more like 70s-retro-MTV logo, not Hamburgish at all. And there's an image of heart representing love, which will be explained in about a minute.

Third change, they have a much much better web site. Eventhough it is still designed based on frames, but much better than the last one, which looks like jumped out of the early 90s.

Fourth change, they introduce the tagline: Das Herz von Hamburg (The Heart of Hamburg or the Heart from Hamburg?).

Fifth change, the big fireworks will be displayed not on every Friday. Gotcha! They displayed it on the 26th instead of the 25th due to the Karfreitag. Hehehee..

Sixth change, they attach a sie sucht ihn or er sucht sie feature inside the Dom. I wonder why there are no er sucht ihn or sie sucht sie darin. It's a part of big program called Love World. I think it will be only for this Frühlingsdom, but I can't be certain to that. There are even interesting event regarding this Love World event. Hmm..

What is not changed when I visited it last Saturday is the surroundings, the people, and the attractions. God, I love them so much. By the way, I was asked to join the camel race there, and guess what, I WON! Hahahaha.. As a reward, I got a box of Domino and a small turtle doll. Made me want to play and play again.

See you in St. Pauli!

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Gets said...

Domino nya lucu ngga?or just the regular?I wanna play it if it's cute!!:D PS.kuya atau kuyi?