Thursday, March 03, 2005

el sol

It's officially 1750 on my computer's clock. It's officially over-hours for me. [psst.. been checking blogs since 20 mins ago]. And it's officially not yet the time for the sun to set!!

I started my interns when the sun set at around 1600 hours, and quitely whispering: "Time to go home in some minutes." But now? Whoa... Still there, baby..

Good thing: I am still able to take pics outside after I got off from work
Bad thing: I don't think there are any bad things in there. Hehehe..

By the way, no snow showers today. So, anxiously waiting for the real temperature for tomorrow evening. If they turn to be true. Yawn!

Heading for the gym!


Mike said...

So when will you end your intern?

Bie said...

ummm.. masi lama deh pokoknya.. Heuhaeuheueiuhiauehiahe..