Wednesday, March 16, 2005

blogs: here, there and everywhere

This morning, logging in to my Yahoo! Mail, witnessing this subject on my inbox "Friendster: New Blog Announcement from xxx". Change xxx with a Friendster profile.

It turns out that Friendster now implants blogs for their user. Na ja, everyone has the right to own a blog, doesn't everyone? Hehehe..

blog invitation on Friendster

But for sure, due to the this hype, that hype, these hypes, I don't think I will set another up there, just due to this reason. [read the comments please. Oops, but I think it's in Bahasa Indonesia.]

Just one remarks dafür. Powered by TypePad??!! O-M-G! I wish they had come earlier. Hehehe.. Oder söllte ich dort umziehen? Hehehehehh..

[edited almost the day after to add this entry]

OK, it's no secret then if the next days or weeks I will get e-mails from Friendster with the same subject, different xxx. Sigh..


mellyana said...

love your new layout (the pics)

novi said...

duh tolong yaaa... jangan ikut2an orang2. itu 'KABARKAN ke semua orang kalo saya punya blog' option di un-centang x-(

Bie said...

Lah, emang sengaja kok.. namanya juga batu loncatan. huehuehauheaueha..

novi said...

tapi ya mbok yaaaa... mbok yaaa... mbok yaaa...