Friday, March 18, 2005

bookishly hooked

By the time I had nightmare last night, I knew I could get in trouble. By the time I looked at my radio/alarm/clock this morning and it was blinking 9:03 and I have not even taken a shower yet, I knew the trouble can get worse. By the time I hesitated to walk briskly eventhough the wind was blowing and making 11 degrees felt like 5, I knew exactly that I am in trouble.

The trouble is getting hooked to Angels and Demons (A&D), a thriller by Dan Brown.

I was starting reading it yesterday morning, due to my inextricable boredom in 8-minute-bus-ride from home to work. 8 minutes and I got bored? There's something wrong with my system. At that time, Brown had only the chance to introduce me to three things: antimatter, ambigrams, and Illuminati. First two I have never heard before, but the last one is somewhat familiar.

Four and a half hours after that, I insisted to take a shorter-than-usual lunch break, and googled ambigrams in my work station. I even designed my not-to-be-proud-of first 180° rotational ambigram. Hopefully it will be able to be published here somehow someday. And of course, I paid Dan Brown and John Langdon [ambigrams artist for A&D] themselves a visit.

I then insisted to have an earlier Feierabend so that I could go to the gym and read the book [I don't normally read books in this gym because there are only two-minute-pauses and I'm not doing bicycle for cardio, I run instead. Nobody runs and read, oder?], and then go home and read the book, prepare dinner and read the book, have dinner and read the book, and finally, lay down and read the book. From those I learned more about CERN, X-33, Robert Langdon, Maximillian Kohle, and of course, Vittoria Vetra.

The acquaintance brought another foreseen trouble. Nightmares. I often got nightmare when I got hooked to novels. I dreamt about being caught in the middle of murder scene when I read Crooked House [Buku Catatan Josephine] by Agatha Christie. The scene I was in was unlike that, but it also involved a little girl, and a young assisstant.

I dreamt about having dangerous safari trip in Afrika when I read Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. And reading A&D, made me dream about having a fight with my Dad. The idea was funny, because the only dad-child relation in this book is Leonardo and Vittoria, is described far from possible to have a fight. But my fight resembles the fight between Vittoria and Kohle [Don't blame me for calling Vittoria not by Vetra, the author did that], the last scene that I read before sleeping, not resembles my relationship with my Dad. Funny where dreams may take you.

And this morning, I had a chance to virtually travel to Vatican City, meet Swiss Guard, picture the chamberlain, and get hooked more and more. But as soon as I finished climbing the stairs to the second floor, pulling out the heavy door [doors are damn heavy here in Germany], turning on my computer, I am back in Bremerhaven.

I will not write crafty words like other critics or reviews, since this is not a review, I am not a critic, nor good in making crafty words. Just five simple words. "Tell me more, Mr. Brown."

[the book is not even finished read, some of emotional or obsessed sounded situations and actions may change, lessen, or greatly increase by then]

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