Sunday, July 08, 2007


In about two weeks, the preparation for locking myself up in my bedroom will have its fruit. I will be locked with an enough-for-48-hours supplies. Water. Food. Fruits. Yoga mat. Lights. Candles. Lots of them. Essential oils and aromatherapy utensils might work as well. And also emotions. Not the Bee Gees or Mariah Carey one, but things you have in you.

I will plug off my telephone, pull off internet connection, still thinking about plugging in my laptop which I can't live without. I won't answer my mobile. Text or voice wise. I will ignore any calls from my family. Friends may have to wait for another two days and two nights to know my whatabouts and whereabouts.

I will spend the next 48 hours or so with one to gaze at and direct all my concentration to. Cuddle with. Sleeping with. Laugh to or with. Cry with (if necessary). Sleep on. Hug. Touch. Caress. Should I fall asleep, I may drool on too.

Things like, "I knew it!", "Give me smore!", "Noooooo!", "Whyyyyyyyy?", "Yeah!!!", "Give me more!!", "Yes. Yes. Yes." or the ever universal "Oh. My. God." may be heard. Loudly or faintly. I don't think moaning and orgasmic screaming or laugh would be necessary, though. Regardless, after the 48-hour period is over, I'll become a new man. A sufficed satisfied new man that is.

One thing more. I'm seeing the face of my affair for the first time today. Face and butt. It's only fair that you know the face (and butt) of your future affair whom you're about to encounter a grueling 48-hour with. Now, I bet you two would also like to meet.

Meet my date.



Oh. And apparently, ever since I asked myself, "What the fuck does 'hallows' mean?", looks like I've got me some company.

Two weeks to go, baby! (Monica-like) TWO WEEKS!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


mellyana said...

and I lost my receipt. just yesterday I remember about that damn receipt. omigod. what should I do????

miund said...


i think the best place to read HP is on the beach. trust me, dude.. i finished the last two books at the beach. third one in bali, fourth one while munching on calamari at bandar jakarta.

where shall i go next? hm. hm.

oh and my word verification for this is 'cryho'. i think that's notable. cry ho. HAHAHAAKHAKAHKAHK! what in hell is wrong with blogger?

Bie said...

melly: That's a nightmare! :( So sorry for you.. Maybe you could try to persuade the mbak2 though..

As in me, I kept it safe and locked in an indestructible anti-fire slash earthquake slash thieving slash water box, until I forgot the combination.

miund: the beach .. hmm .. interesting, but I am always tempted to dip in when I'm at the beach. Do they invent waterproof edition or something? Or is there a charm for waterproofness?

cryho! gosh .. what will come up next. Hihihi..

Credo said...

And I got 'seaho' for my verification word for this comment.