Tuesday, July 03, 2007


What will happen if you join a Dance Addict class to the music of Beautiful Liar, instructed by an almost-but-not-too-much hyperactive, addicted to hip thrusts and groin actions, always-looking-at-you-(or your way)-when-he-asked-questions ("Ready, guys?" Ne-fucking-ver!), Beyonce-wannabe, encouraging-to-mop-the-floor-with-your-shirt-and-pants choreographer?

Possible answers:

a. An accidentally kicked dancing partner. Accidentally accidental. Not accidentally in a Sir Norman Fry kinda way. Sorry, mate.

b. Accidentally kicked dancing classmates. Sorry, mate and mate.

c. A sore butt for being accidentally kicked. Twice.

d. A pair of hip joints needing recovery (but used for Power Yoga the next day anyway).

e. A gassy stomach. So bad so that you can't lift your left hip up.

f. An urge to go to the toilet to exhaust any gas, but only started when you were on a public bus that drove slowly but surely like that turtle in the race with the hare.

g. Trots that lasted less than five seconds.

h. A great time you know you would have had if only that friend of yours who is a huge Shakira fan (and tirelessly pushing the agenda of anti public display of self hip thrusting) had joined you.

i. An intro of a song you can't get out of your head even after 48 hours and you think that it should be your next ringing tone.

j. all of the above.


Credo said...

I would guess > j

Bie said...

how'd you know? were you one of the mates that I kicked????

miund said...

i'd go with the sore butt (his) for an obvious reason (being kicked) because he tries too hard (to be Beyonce)


very funny post, dude!

Bie said...

miund, that's a really brilliant idea! Next time I take that class, I'll do what you said. I will accidentally kick his butt.

But this time, in a Sir Norman Fry kinda way. Hihihi..