Friday, July 20, 2007

bizzare love triangle

Yesterday and the day before it I had to face one of the most difficult decision to make whole my life. I had to choose between two things that I love dearly. It was so difficult, just like naming your favorite own children. Crazy, eh?

I had to choose between continuing watching Survivor: Cook Islands till the end (and then Survivor: Fiji on the next day; I was on the last episode on both days) and bustling myself to my Yoga class.

At that time I sat on my chair, seemed like there was a glue layered between my ass and the plasticy surface of the chair. But I know I should get up, otherwise I would miss the Yoga class, but as always, curiosity held me down tight. On both occasions, I chose to get up and going Yoga.

I knew that both Survivors would give me a hard time when I got back home.

Ah well, I'd pay them back later on these days.

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