Thursday, July 12, 2007

for Sascha Pries' eyes only

This. Is. So. Scary. Pleasantly surreal also, but very scary. OK. Maybe not scary. Intimidating. It's like Nick Hornby calls me saying, "Would you like to preview my latest unpublished manuscript?". Which will never happen. It's like Anderson Cooper's team sends me an e-mail asking, "Would you like to be Mr. Cooper's liaison when he's there?". Which will never happen. It's like ... ah, well, I think you got it.

I am of course about to reply to the comment. But since I'm me, the reply got somewhat lengthy, and I decided to write a post as a reply to the comment.

(So for all of you non-Sascha-Pries out there, I apologetically understand if you opt to skip this post. He didn't leave an e-mail address for crying out loud. How the hell am I supposed to response other than write this on my blog and randomly hoping that he would be back one day? Hehehe..)

First of all, Pries sounds German. That's why I thought you were a he, because I've met one or two Saschas during my stay in Germany. And you stated in the feature that you are German. So I did think you're a he. However, some Saschas are she's. Even one of the results of searching its meaning came up with a page that says it is a female name. So I played it safe to not to be called sexist. :) Glad you come to the rescue and save the confusion.

I would like to post the whole feature, though. But I don't know whether it would have been a violation to copyright or something. I'm not so equipped (information wise) on that subject. Hence the snapshot and the link.

I find some problems every time I browse through the Jakarta Post's website. What troubles me the most is the archiving algorithm that they use, which is very foreign for a visitor. I had my worries that the link to the "melting pot" article would be changed in the next few days after I posted the snapshot, but at that time, that was the link to the full article.

So thanks for the heads-up reminding me that the link has been changed. However, "By the power of Grayskull! I have the power!!". With that power, let's keep this article alive. :) I kinda creatively used Google as my Castle Grayskull, though.

If you need a reason why I think the article you wrote made me think that you are now one of my heroes, we need to set up a more private environment, because I don't really like to talk about some of the things that I need to reveal in order to get the message across.

I can easily be contacted through az.habibie[this is where you type that swirly thing when on a German keyboard it would be Alt Gr + Q]gmail[this is where you have a chance to utilize your pointillism talent]com. Or anytime you just need another head to talk about Indonesian nitty-gritty over a cup of coffee. Just a friendly reminder, I don't drink at Starbucks, though. Starbucks and a swear word rhymes with Starbuck often comes in the same sentence, when it comes to me.

Und natürlich vielen vielen Dank auch für aufstehen und den Kommentar. Das war sehr angenehm.


Gets said...

huehe..inget2 posting itu ya next time bhadapan dgn mbak2 21..hihihi.. is that why we went to blitz instead?? and reading that post made me want to admit something..hehe.. ntar aja ahh..

Bie said...

justru menurut gue (defensively), mbak2 itu yang ngerasa dia Westernized gara2 dia kerjanya di tempat berjudul 21 tapi dibacanya bukan selikur, melainkan twentyone.

Siapa yang gak akan ngerasa westernized kalo gitu?

Dan akhir2 ini gue ngerasa kok mayoritas mbak2 21 emang pada gak friendly ya?