Friday, July 20, 2007

bet your bottom dollars that

Dear friends (and stalkers, perhaps?),

if I were Annie, this minute I would have sung "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you! Tomorrow! You're only a day awaaaay...!" for the 4,285th time this day only. Tomorrow is a big day. Big. As Carrie Bradshaw's Mr. Big. Well, not that sharp, though.

Tomorrow will be the only day so far that I would try my best to stick to a schedule, made by and for me only. Tomorrow has been the day that I've been waiting for, for about 9 years to be exact. How does it feel to wake up in a day you've been waiting for nine years? Well, try asking a bride. Or me, tomorrow.

Remember, I won't bother to answer your call, read your e-mail, read your text message, socialize, and perhaps shower. I mean, I kinda explained it all here anyway, right?

In case you need urgently to catch me wherever, you have to see me in person in order to reach me, here's my (hopefully not so) tentative schedule.

Friday, July 20, 2007

22:30 go to bed

Saturday, July 21, 2007

05:00 wake up
05:30 go to Plaza Indonesia
06:00 (hopefully) in a queue line at Periplus
06:01 queue line starts
06:15 (hopefully) having dates (two of them!) in hand
07:00 start reading
11:00 (hopefully not) my best friend's sister's wedding
13:00 continue reading

Sunday, July 22, 2007

09:00 Yoga class 1 (optional)
10:10 continue reading
11:20 Body Combat class (optional)
13:20 Yoga class 2
14:40 continue reading (optional)

Early Sunday evening is the time that you can expect me to socialize again. Can't give that guarantee though.

Have a nice weekend.

PS: On the record, I think one of two who die is Ginny Weasley. Problem is, every time I predicted something on the record, I turned out wrong. When it was off the record, it was right. Ah, well.


mellyana said...

I was supposed to receive THE BOOK in Bandung, sadly said, I have to be in Jakarta. so, there. I have to wait another weekend to have it in my hands

Bie said...

Hah? Jadi elo belom tau kalo si *beeeeep* mati? Hehehheee..

Tenang, Mel. Patience brings nothing but fruition. Gitu kata Dumbledore-wannabe.