Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hairy Potter

The fifth installment of one of those bajillion Harry Potter franchise, this time in the form of movies, opens with a bang. BANG! No, seriously. I was punching my straw to my hard-to-open plastic cup cover containing some hundreds milliliters of iced lemon tea. BANG! Since it wasn't opened for the second time I tried it, there's another bang. BANG! That was the third and probably last bang that the movie offers.

Why's that? Because Potter, whose hair as described by the first book "simply grew that way -- all over the place", seemed to have decided to use a hefty amount of his Galleons locked safe in Gringotts to visit Nathaniel Hawkins and turned that all-over-the-place hair with a cut enough to make Kevyn Aucoin (may he rest in peace) jealous thinking why he's not the one who'd done him.

In four words, "OFF WITH THE BANGS!"

With a haircut like that, it is no surprise then if Harry Potter, a student in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, moonlights as a leather-bound rough-looking model. He may have contacted Collier Strong to apply concealer on top of his oh-so-famous scar on his forehead for this.

With a ready-to-brag hair and a modeling-summer-job in hands, it is only fair if Potter then rethinks his wardrobe. During one of those summer holidays (which was so dreadful because he had to meet two Dementors on this day), he wears a nicely-fit-and-I-suspect-specially-tailored T-shirt, worthy enough for a spread in GQ. The T-Shirt was perfection, with sleeves which end precisely in the middle of his biceps, the colour which makes him subtly blend to his environment, and still enables him to run very quick away from the Dementors. Edna Mode might have designed this.

In one of those other days (on which he has a chance to play Goggle V for a day by being able to use a public phone booth to get to a "secret place") he has to look formal. Hence, a nicely tailored jacket. Gosh, the jacket is so nice that I bet if GQ ever wrote a feature titled "Hot Summer Jackets for Y'all Under-18s" this may be one of the top ten, if not the top.

Then come the school days where there are no hairdressers in sight, uniforms are mandatory, and temperature drops allowing students to wear layers. Attention to fashion is then spared because it is inapplicable in the tropics anyway.

But don't fret. The jacket we drooled together makes another appearance near the end. Worn with a (retro? vintage? I need a second screening) (update: it turns out that it was the torso-hugging worn on the Dudley Demented day) T-Shirt, it is an unbelievable sight that I almost torn my hair apart just because I couldn't find any picture of it.

What? Oh, the movie is great. Visually pleasing. I mean come on, a movie whose hero is a model with customly tailored fashion pieces and a haircut to die for is never bad to look at.

Besides, he has two classmates, one who is a girl and clearly does a good job growing up but unfortunately doesn't have fashion sense as sharp as that chick who invented Terabithia. (Careful!! Link contains spoilers!!)

The other classmate, hmm, I feel pity for him. He is clearly the beefier one but told not to sculpt that beef into muscles. And in order to justify his beefiness, he was shown as the one who keeps munching.

Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. Plus, there are some magic in it.


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