Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Stupid New Year

Shit. Oh my, shit. Wow, I can't believe that the first word written on this blog in year 2007 is going to be "shit". And I can't believe that the first three sentences on this blog will have the word "shit" in it. Well, make that four. I hope it means nothing, and 2007 won't be a shitty year. Wha'eva..

Anyway, why being pouty, you may ask?

The thing is like this. First, I was thinking of a new-year entry. Mid-December-wise. I figured out that it's gonna be a looong one. And I think that blog entries around New Year will be revolving around the theme of looking back, you know, a roundup sorta. Other than that, it's going to be a list like resolutions, best of 2006 fill-in-the-blank-s, what's done and what's not or something like that. Well, who am I to beg to differ?

Second, I consider myself as a non-musical kinda person. When I wrote non-musical, I didn't mean a person who's not as close to music in their life. No, because mine's very close to music. The thing is, I never correlate music with my life. Nuh-ev-er. Get it? I never consider music as part of my life. I don't have my breakup songs, celebration songs, I-really-love-to-dance-to song, "my" song, "our" song, and so on and so forth. But, I kinda have a feeling, in order to have a good time hanging out with Nick Hornby, which of course I'd faint right away the minute I'd shake his hand and perhaps the hanging-out thing would go on kookily, I kinda have to be musically adept to merely survive the conversation.

Well, I know, that had I be one of his characters, I'm gonna be one of those whose musical taste lies not so far away beyond boybands and crappy music. Regardless, won't hurt a man for trying.

So bla bla bla. Me trying being smart, thinking that the only way to accommodate the list, lookback, and music was having a snapshot of my Top 25 Most Played on my iTunes. Post it here. And tell a story about how the song can be up there in 2006. Then, I said to myself, I'm doing it on New Year's Eve. That's that. And we'll talk about the top 5 (or 10 if I have the effort to finish) on the New Year entry.

It's all planned out, mind-mapped beautifully and by cheating some days before I was supposed to take the snapshot, I liked how it looked like. I even had formulated an entry in my head then. And of course, this is where the word "shit" came to play.

Some hours (perhaps some 48 or 60 like that) before the M minute, my melancholic alter ego took control of me. I reorganized my files on my hard drive. And by files I mean music files. And then .... thinking harmlessly, I deleted everything on my iTunes library, and replaced it with those supposedly more-reorganized files. They are the same files, regardless, but of course my iTunes thought that they were new files, and hence, they have no history being played on my iTunes.

Fast-forward to New Year's Eve. I turned my lappers on, loaded my iTunes, sang a happy tune, clicked the "top 25 Most Played" playlist, and I was shell-shocked to find out that my number one most played is a file called "ibiza". And then I realized my stupidly stupid stupidity some days before. My "musical" journey for the year vanished. Poof. Cue the melancholy somber strings music. Well, strike that, how about a tip-toeing comedy-like music.

Whatever happens, I think I remember some 5 out of the top 10 (that I saw three days earlier). I'm gonna talk about that. But in the meantime, can you help me picking up pieces of my scattered brain on my bedroom floor and wall?

[continued to part 2]


Gets said...

gue harus memencet Alt+F,A,S terus mempelajari entry lo ini baru ntar memutuskan kasi comment apa.. hehehe.. abis panjang sih..:D

Bie said...

Hah? bukannya cukup alt+F, A terus nama file terus enter? hehehe..

Gets said...

oh iya, ngga usah pake nama file, lagi.. langsung aja enter.. huehue.. ga penting..