Sunday, December 17, 2006

life is beautifully funny

There was one time, that I was chatting with one of my recurring chatmates, and he asked me what kind a job that I was looking for. I told him two very opposite things. Against all odds, my chatmate seemed to be very supportive of it.

Another chatmate, also asked me one time what I will do now that I'm in Jakarta. I answered a similar answer, but not necessarily the same ones. He was unbelievably supportive as well, by saying, "Well, both are very interesting subjects for me." Or he's just trying to kiss my ass.

Surprisingly, (I was surprised to the deepest depth of my bones) both chances come in a quite the same time. It's still in the form of chances right now. But I believe that it can grow into something serious. I kinda hope one of them will, but I actually want both of them. DAMN! Why these thing kept happening? Two things at the same time that you were hoping it should have been one thing came up before or after the other? Sigh ....

In a more positive note, I went through the ups and downs (there aren't really any downs actually) of Jiffest. 5 movies. Over 500 hours. Stupidly bragging I-don't-know-them viewers who always did the oh-I-understand-what-they-are-talking-about. Silly "movie addict"-ive occurences. Pet-peeves. 5 hours of sleeping for 4 nights in a row.

The movies that I saw:

1. Breaking and Entering. Anthony Minghella went Woody Allen.
2. Volver. Wisteria Lane went Madrid suburbs.
3. All the King's Men. Jude Law went unbelievable. (not a good thing, that is)
4. The Queen. Thirteen Days went british. PS: As I told someone, I like everything British. Let me rephrase, coincidentally, things that I like are british. So go figure.
5. Little Miss Sunshine. JonBenet Ramsey went plump.

Things to do before the calendar reads 2007, portfolio, updated CV, and follow-ups. And ow, busting my ass trying to snatch that grand prize of a whopping 100 M.

I have a feeling that 2007 will be an unlikely year.


Gets said...

(singing British-ly) It's a little bit funny...that you didn't mention 'that other movie' you watched.. hahaha.. or shall it be our little secret?

Bie said...

Ooo iya ketinggalan .. huahahhahaa.. soalnya itu film udah pernah gue tonton sebelomnya sih (dan gratisan)... jadi ketinggalan. huehhehehee..

Rama said...

gosipnya volver bagus sekali ya?...gue baru sadar ga pernah ntn almadovar di bioskop

Gets said...

iya gue jg blm pernah nonton almadovar di bioskop..

Bie said...

Huahahha .. kejamnya dunia.

(I'm just gonna wait for a comeback. If any.)

BTW, Ram, Volver suaranya jelek. Filmnya sih .. gue masih sukaan All About My Mother, tapi ada twist di film ini (Volver) yang bikin jadi "bagus sekali" sih emang.

Credo said...

ga ngerti deh kalian ngomongin apaan.. khekhekhe..
Aku penonton film yg biasa2 aja :)

Bie said...

Penonton film yg biasa2 aja??

That explains, like, a lot. >:)