Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dreamgirls, literally


OK. This post is contributed solely for the fact that I am indeed obsessed with Dreamgirls, especially when this dreamy girl called and told me that its "mungkin belum bagus" DVD is out. If it isn't out in Jakarta yet, I can only say that western part of Indonesia got the sun earlier, so of course they also got Dreamgirls earlier. Duh!

I dreamed that I had a sorta dinner with Beyonce tonight. Lately I kept imagining how Beyonce's character in Dreamgirls would be. I mean, I was thinking that Deena was actually the villain on this musical. What else can make Diana Ross (Dreamgirls is loosely based on the life and times of The Supremes) so upset during Dreamgirls premiere?

So I listened to the tracks of the musical that I have like tens of times back-to-back already. And I realized, despite Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy got the ravest reviews, Anika Noni Rose is my most anticipated performance, I think Beyonce will surprise me the most.

I can already imagine how Deena Jones will be in the hands of Beyonce. She'll be vulnerable, full of innocence, appealing, and sultry. Eventhough I know that sometimes imagination is so much better than the truth, I hope to differ this time.

Thinking too much of Beyonce explains a lot about my dream meeting one of the Dreamgirls.

But what can explain what you're looking at in this snapshot?


Gets said...

ih gue ngga bisa liat comment post yg stlh ini tp kok nulis comment disini bisa??.. gue kan ngga dreamy, dreamer iya.. hehe.. yg dreamy itu Mr. Patrick Dempsey..hihi.. terus, kok western sih? yg dapet matahari duluan kan timur.. apa emang sengaja?.. duh.. ngga ngerti.. heueuhe..

Bie said...

This is an important moment when people should realize that I'm geographically challenged.