Monday, January 29, 2007

found at

Have no idea yet what it means by 44.2% smarter, though. But it sounds good..

Take the test by clicking on the pic.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about that!


Bie said...

kayaknya gue tau deh itu anonymous siapaaaa ....

Gets said...

huaha.. gue 0.2% stupider than average.. but in my defense that's only because I was so certain that Jesus speaks in my language I had trouble on answering that question.. huehuehue..

Bie said...

menurut gue .. kuisnya harus dinamain Knowledgable or Unknowledgable (or whatever the negation from Knowledgable is)

Karena hampir semua pertanyaannya intinya pengetahuan, bukan pemecahan masalah.

Dan being smart agak2 berhubungan sama gimana cara elo memanage suatu masalah gak si. At least in my opinion..

Credo said...

Subtract 8 points from your score. That is mine, hehehee..

That puts me lower-than-half of your 44.2%-smarter-than-average position, khekhekhekhe..