Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Stupid New Year (part 2)

[It's kinda weird if you're reading the part 2 prior to reading the first part]

I have a strong feeling that number one on that list is was "Take Your Mama" by Shayne Ward. I actually watched this song first. It wasn't a typo or a bad diction judgment, but really, not heard, watched. It was performed by Ward, then a contestant in "The X-Factor", a british Idol-like singing competition, in the top 5. In a second, I fell for the song. Not because of the lyrics, of the original singer (it's Scissor Sisters, FYI), or of Ward, but of its bouncy rhythm. The song was so much fun! SO FUN! So, thanks to Ward I kinda spent 2006 obsessing with (or to?) Scissor Sisters.

Somewhere also on the top 5 is "Written in the Stars". A signature song kinda from "Aida". A Disney musical by Tim Rice and Elton John. I reckoned this song, when I got acquainted with yet another Michael in Hamburg. This time, he calls himself Mikey. Mikey wrote the lyrics of this song in his online profile on an internet portal. And I was like, "Is that that song that I just heard some minutes ago?" I contacted Mikey, we chatted, and we were chat buddies for like some months in 2006. 'Twas quite good times.

I'm positive that one of the five on top is "What Would I Do?", a final song from the musical "March of the Falsettos". Wait. Was it "Falsettoland"? I still can't grasp the concept clearly, here. A guy outta town sent me a sheet of a song from the same musical called "What More Can I Say?". He even boldly stated that this song is the best song ever written. EVER. I even had an entry on this song. But as time went by, I like listening to, singing with, and sympathizing with the lead character more when I hear "What Would". No further question, eventhough I'm sure that "What More" was one of the top 25, "What Would" was definitely a top fiver.

Hate to admit it, but I think another top 5 is "Angels Brought Me Here". But this one is Carrie Underwood's. I think it's solely because I like singing the song and between the three versions that I got: Underwood's, Guy Sebastian's (First Australian Idol winner), and Shannon Noll's (First Australian Idol first runner-up), Underwood's was actually within my range. Go figure.

I can't even think what the other one is. It can be the 2006 Scissor Sisters' smashing hit "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'". It can also be ABBA's "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" (how pushy of me). Logically BeeGees' "How Deep is Your Love?" should have been there. Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" is also a candidate.

But honestly, I can't think of a number five. Or in other words, between picking one of those four and scratching out my left eye, I think I would prefer the latter.

That's that guys. My 2006 revolves around familiarizing self with 70s music, which turns out that I enjoy so so much, Idol or Idol-related thingie, musicals (so old news, innit?) and Scissor Sisters. How's you?

So, Mr. Hornby, why don't you give me 2007 as a chance to evolve? Perhaps, after successfully scavenging my sister's hard-drive yesterday, I can introduce you to AB Three's "Kerinduan". It's on the top 4 in the 25 Most Played


Credo said...

humm, Carrie's version is umm.. not so good the first time I heard it.. It's like she's ruining the song, singing it so slow. But then, my ears got accustomed to it, and it's heard OK now, khekhekhe..

Guy's version's superb! :D Love it. Still figuring out how to sing his vocal ornament successfully >:) Not easy.

Never heard Noll's version though.

Bie said...

I like Noll's the most, actually. His voice is just magical. But if his range and my range were going to the same high-school, my range would have been bullied like daily on the school yard.