Tuesday, July 12, 2005

who would have thought that 20 years of hatred yields a pity?

OK, in this moment.. right now.. I have to tell you that..

1. I always loathe Tom Cruise and his acting skill. Maybe there's a connection to the fact that he's my sister's childhood crush, but still, he can't act. Exclamation mark.
2. I always make fun of Tom Cruise whenever I got the chance. You know like how's he's acting to the camera rather than for the camera.
3. I always find it shameful that some well-known movie directors are working with Tom Cruise. To name a few: Steven Spielberg, and two of my sort of faves, Paul Thomas Anderson and Oliver Stone.

And now, he's really freaking me out. I mean seriously.. Is he.. is he.. it's just.. I mean.. it's me.. who's only sitting here and reading the you-know-what about him. Gosh.. Can you imagine if I actually saw all that stuff. And you know what, I somewhat have a pity feeling on him now. Seriously. I mean previously he's already that bad. And know he's that bad and being judged up down left right front back.

But anyway, if he can go out there, make interviews, say those things, act like that, I don't think that he needs a pity from me, doesn't he? Maybe I should call my sister to ask her how's her childhood crush doin'. He was much more normal those days.

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