Wednesday, July 13, 2005

remembering charlie and the chocolate factory

Hehehe.. reading this news about how Harry Potter 6 books got accidentally sold, I bet many kids (and adults, I know.. sigh..) will envy those 14 really lucky bastards for at least these 4 days.. I'm not one of the envious ones, though.

I mean how "lucky" they are.. Hahaha.. And suddenly it took me back to 1980-something, as I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and got seriously jealous of Charlie and those four other kids. I was one of the Veruca wannabes. Hahaha.. Those good ol' days..

Update: There's another one.. Damn, he's a nice kid.


Credo said...

Heaheaheaa... I forgot when exactly I read the news that "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" was going to be filmed (again with different title(?)). As I read that I remembered you once mentioned that the book is your favourite. And I wonder how you feel. But I forgot to ask :p

Mike said...

Well, it's in the same week of them being published and shown to public. This week is an opening week of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and also this Saturday is the published day of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Damn they surely lucky, yet it's only one more to wait.

Bie said...

Kok jadi ngomongin and the Chocolate Factory sih.. Hehhee..

Anyway, I am not really interested in this new thing, as the old one is less commercialized (boong banget) and is a musical.

But, it wouldn't hurt a bone to peek.

Bie said...

hah? kenapa comment di atas Charlienya ilang.. Charliee.. lo colong ya..