Thursday, July 07, 2005

damn you, bombers!!

I don't believe this.. Less than 24 hours after London acquire its Summer Olympics hosting right, a currently assumed terrorist attack happened there. Umm.. wrote this in their updates in its related article on London 2012 decision, and I quote:

Update: It’s London. Enjoy the traffic and the German tourists and being a central global terrorist target, old chaps!

One of the East Londoners wrote his/her reaction also about London 2012 decision in, and said more or less: "Let's be happy to the fact that the world's media will look at our city at least for the next two weeks." It's no longer in the website I think because of it is piled over by more recent reactions.

I have no slightest idea that these two comments are actualized today in London. Unfortunately, with this kind of coverage. Gosh..

Deepest condolences, Londoners.

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