Friday, July 15, 2005

emmy's out

Pusing ya baca nominasi Emmy..... Isinya kayak bedol desa gitu, semua orang dinominasiin. Tapi yang paling mengagetkan adalah dinominasiinnya Bobby Cannavale!! Hahahhahaa.. Kok bisa yaaa.. Tapi jangan tanya nominasi yang laen ya. Gak ada yang inget! Kecuali cewek2 Desperate Housewives. Go Huffman!!


Emmy nominations list is lunaticly dizzying!! Guess all who's who in Hollywood is there. But what took me by surprise is that Bobby Cannavale is nominated!! Hahahaha.. How could it be? But please, leave me alone if you're trying to get further info. Can't remember any other than Desperate Housewives chics. Ayoo Huffman!!


Just trying to prove myself that I'm not a good translator.. Because the way I talk between languages are different. :) Even the laugh is different. b-(


holger said...

and now in German please! ;-)

Mike said...

so how's the goodbye party? Hope u like it.