Friday, October 14, 2005

Survivor: Guatemala, first five weeks

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Survivor: Guatemala opened with a surprise for me. The surprise was, out of the 16 contestants, 5 of their names are started with B. The first twist is the re-introduction of two former contestants, and one of them has a name that started with B. So now they have six, with four of them started with Br----.

I didn't really know whether it is a coincidence or not, but the 5th episode opened my eyes and gave me the logic between the B-parade thingie: so that the producers can get this shot of Danni.

Shortly after the show started, the first twist of the season. The return of Bobby Jon and Stephenie, both alumni from Survivor: Palau, exactly a season before. There are thousands of people that asked out of a group of former survivors, why were these two chosen to compete again? No one really knows until now.

For me, both of them are actually two of the brawniest players in Survivor. Are they the best player? Nope. Bobby Jon couldn't get a grip of what Survivor is all about in his first season. Stephenie, can be the strongest woman to ever play Survivor, but clearly she's not a good team player. My take is both of them survive until the merge, and booted off as soon as the other realized that they should get rid of those two.

Former Survivors are already saying that this Survivor is a bit spoiled version of the others, eventhough the show doctor (named Adrian, called Ado. Huahahahhaa.. Not so foreign, eh?) called it as the toughest one to date.

One of the reason why the contestants were spoiled is that they already had had a food reward challenge. And the most current reward is a pool, WITH AN UMBRELLA, margaritas, with a LOUNGE CHAIR!! Sounds like Big Brother, eh? And what are they talking when they took dip around it? As Brian said, "Blake, what is your absolute best drunk story?" Are you for real?

And still, 3 of the contestants have identical twin siblings. Will there be a twin twist? What?? You're kidding, right..

But despite all of the weirdness in the making, including Jeff Probst's haircut and funny looking hat, I'm gonna watch this season of Survivor.

Go Brandon! Eventhough he may be in the hot seat next week.

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