Sunday, October 16, 2005

Let's give 'em something to talk about

Current books read: Catch Me If You Can by Frank W. Abagnale. enjoying every letters, dots, comma, and other characters of it. - expected TV program: Desperate Housewives on torrent ... NOT

Hrrrrgggghhh... I really want to talk one particular subject now. I think it's the escalation of me watching The Opposite of Sex some weeks ago, which made me think somewhat seriously. Then I read one entry on Dan Renzi's blog eventhough it's under the pile there somewhere now. Then I encountered a quirky advertising campaign from H&M in Mönckebergstrasse. Then I found Tiara Lestari's blog. Then I read Hermawan Kertajaya's blog.

Now it's all culminating and making me want to talk about SEX. There is only one problem. I'm fasting now. And I think tonight I will already lose the mood to talk about it again. So just wait and see tonight.

And unfortunately, during a hot information exchange session in my break-fasting yesterday night, sex is one of the topic that was just not been brought up. Schade.


Ozzie said...

Talking about sex does not breaking your fasting activity (okay, maybe tarnishing it somehow), as long as you don't bring lust to the topic :)

Bie said...

That's my point.. Untarnished is better than tarnished, right?

As I am aware of, it is still far from lust. But who knows how far the writing is gonna unravel.

Thanks for commenting Ozzie, you got a super blog out there. Make me feel undeserved of your comment. :)

But keep on commenting. :p